Introducing our collection of creature songs and assorted potpourri for the pleasure and delectation of all those interested in singing songs, playing games and having music-related fun. Children and young people are fascinated by facts, delight in remembering unusual snippets of information and love to be able to reveal something new or different. This collection will help singers to develop their confidence in learning and inspire them to want to share their learning with others. Creature Collective will appeal to all who engage in its materials and there is something for all. Amongst original songs and games can also be found familiar tunes and associated activities to stimulate the mind and there are poems galore: vignettes, snapshots, reflections and rhymes.


Our intention is to lead you in your learning and to transport you to new avenues of enquiry, exploring ideas, engaging in/with music and language, singing and moving. Along the way, we hope you will discover how enjoyable learning can be and will want to involve your friends, parents and teachers in the process.

Sharing learning is a collective endeavour, a cooperative enterprise, and, in this collection of materials based on creatures from our amazing animal kingdom, there is an emphasis and focus on the transformative power of working together, Singing is one conduit to help bring together this learning and help us make sense of our experiences; performing poetry is another, enabling us to respond to the rhythms and patterns of words. Reading poetry aloud enables the power of language to be explored and realised.

You are engaging with a resource that provides information and entertainment, sparking provocation, amusement, mystery or joy to develop your thinking. So please laugh, ponder and make mistakes, reflect and solve problems as you develop your learning styles, hone your musicianship skills and unlock yourself artistically. Music and poetry are essential to life and should permeate the lives of young people, shaping their futures in whichever way. For maximum impact, musical seeds need to be sown early, when young minds are most receptive. The fruits of these seeds will then be reaped later in life, so let us be aware of and enjoy the process from the beginning.


Your journey into and through the materials will vary according to the age and experience of the singers, the number of children in a class or choir, the space and time available and the regularity of the session.

Learning materials and activities in Creature Collective are designed to stimulate broad cross-curriculum work.

  • Carefully crafted songs are tailored to encourage teachers to adopt a flexible approach to learning and teaching in music across years 3-6 bridging lower KS2 > upper KS2.

  • Songs may still appeal/be relevant/have currency into KS3, particularly the instrumental parts, and may be revisited as part of a recursive learning process.

  • Order of songs provides a guide to the level of musical challenge.

  • Incremental challenges are presented within songs as well as across the collection.

  • Scores may be interpreted flexibly:

    • Teach songs as they appear, omitting any optional parts.

    • Assign small groups to sing sections or verses.

    • Develop songs and performances creatively - use your imagination.

      Prologue: Back on track                      Three part voices with additional harmony parts

  1. Butterflies and ladybirds                      Unison voices with glockenspiel

  2. Gorillas and monkeys                          Two part voices with optional percussion

  3. Rattlesnake rumba!                             Two part voices with cabasa

  4. Crocs basking                                       Two part voices with optional percussion

  5. Flambo of flamingos                           Unison voices with percussion

  6. Giraffes and lions                                 Two part voices with glockenspiel

  7. Iguanas in a mess                               Rap with body percussion

  8. Hummingbirds and parrots               Two part voices with a five part finale

  9. Spiders!                                                 Unison voices with optional percussion

  10. Shiver of sharks                                   Two part voices with percussion

 11.  A to Z of Collective Nouns with suggestions for games

 12. Creature poems


  1.: Creature caricatures; 2: Song lyrics; 3: Glossary; 4: Makaton; 5: Instrumental parts; 6:Artwork