Whether you are looking for training for your music teachers or a one off singing workshop for your school or choir, Kevin offers a range of interactive workshops which can be tailored to meet your musical needs. Each session covers a range of styles/genres, will develop your understanding of the musical elements in a stimulating and exciting way, and is designed to be a fun, informal and highly participatory introduction to singing and music-making. 


All of Kevin's workshops include singing skills training where participants are taught vocal exercises, breathing techniques, unison and harmony singing, group development and musical games. Have a look at the workshops on offer and if you don’t find what you are looking for get in touch. 

Jukebox Jamboree

Put another dime in the jukebox and embark on a musical journey through a century of popular song stimulated by the centenary of the end of WWI, finishing with a current day lollipop.

The Jukebox Jamboree workshop features a selection of ear worms to challenge your singers and open their eyes to the changes in musical styles and genres over the last century, all whilst encouraging them to explore the entirety of their vocal ranges. The session begins with a whistling warm up, before diving straight in with unison and 2-part singing, improvisation, scat, body percussion, and key changes galore!


1918   Asaf & Powell                       Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit-bag                         Upbeat / War song

1928   Showboat                              Ol' Man River                                                                             Wide pitch range / Cultural references 

1938   Snow White                          Whistle While You Work                                                         Whistle / Hum

1948   Nat King Cole                       Nature Boy                                                                                 Minor / 3/4 / Chromatic / Expressive range

1958   The Elegants                        Little Star                                                                                    Harmonies / Twist on a classic nursery rhyme

1968   Beatles                                  Hey Jude                                                                                    Anthemic ballad / Classic coda

1978   Earth, Wind & Fire               September                                                                                 Classic feel good funk / "Don't let the lyrics spoil a good riff!"

1988   Michael Jackson                 Man In The Mirror                                                                      Exploration of vocal qualities / Good for boys & girls sharing the range

1998   Britney Spears                     Baby One More Time                                                               Pop hit / Reimagined for a cool jazz combo

2008  Jason Mraz                            I'm Yours                                                                                     Scat / Improvisation / Groove

2018   The Greatest Showman     A Million Dreams                                                                       Contemporary / Wide range that encourages cambiata voice & high

                                                                                                                                                                  pitch trebles/sopranos

Adaptable across Key Stages 2-4 and suitable for community groups.

"The concept of selecting a song from each decade captivated the children's imagination right from the start and opened their minds to a repertoire that they had not previously experienced. Although some of the songs were challenging, the children embraced the project with great enthusiasm.... this helped the children develop their singing skills and build their confidence.. The children particularly enjoyed being accompanied by a real band"  - Rebecca Thompson, Teacher at St. Mary's the Mount Catholic Primary School (Walsall)

Mozart to Mars

Buckle your seat belts and prepare for a musical journey that begins in the 1700s and travels right through to the modern day.

The Mozart to Mars workshop is designed to develop participants' understanding of the musical elements and build upon their musicianship skills, whilst introducing them to the joys of singing in an engaging and interactive environment. The workshop starts with a warm up, getting the body and the voice ready, before introducing unison and 2-part singing through a variety of musical genres; classical, rap, folk, pop, gospel and Latin-American.

Throughout the session participants will actively engage in singing, listening to and analysing music, whilst interacting and improvising with percussion instruments; all of which leads up to a showcase performance at the end of the day. The workshop leader can supply a range of percussion instruments for the students to play.


1.    Mozart                          Twinkle, Twinkle                                           Major & Minor / Classical

2.​    Rap                                Frosty Fugue                                                Rhythm / Improvisation

3.​    Africa                            Zulu Warrior                                                  Chant / Canon / Cascade

4.​    Britten                          Old Abram Brown                                        Round >> Know Numbers!

5.​    Stannard                      Know Numbers!                                           Re-Hear-Sing By Numbers

6.​    Asia                               Prayer to Prophet Muhammad                  Arabic / Ostinato

7.​    Gospel                          Amazing Grace                                             Solos / Harmonies

8.​    Beatles                         Here, There and Everywhere                    Melody / Ballad-Style

9.​    South America           El Cumbanchero                                          Tongue-Twister / Sequence

10.​  Humour                        Flanders and Swann                                   Familiar Tunes / Dialogue

11.​   America                       I Like to Be In America                                6/8 and 3/4 Rhythms

12.​​  Mars                              Just the Way You Are                                  Feel Good

Adaptable across Key Stages 2-4.

Sing Shakespeare

"If music be the food of love, play on" - (Twelfth Night, 1.1.1-7).

Immerse yourself in the literary delights of the nation's favourite Bard of Avon. Through a combination of music, drama and visualisation you will soon find yourself reciting a plethora of Shakespearean quotes and perfecting that piercing witch's cackle.

The Sing Shakespeare workshop starts with a warm up, getting the body and the voice ready, before introducing participants to a range of Shakespeare's famous works and quotes through unison and 2/3-part singing. Throughout the session participants will actively engage in singing, elements of physical theatre and the use of vocal effects, Guitarists are welcome to bring their instruments along to the session to explore the area of accompaniment.


1.    Harris                            You Spotted Snakes                                    Midsummer Night's Dream

2.​    Stannard                      Three Witches                                              Macbeth

3.​    Adams                          The Willow Song                                          Othello

4.​    Porter                           Brush Up Your Shakespeare                      Comedy

... and many more!

Adaptable across Key Stages 2-4.

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